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Your Team

We’re a group of talented, driven individuals, each with extensive experience in branding and marketing. We create great work together, believe in each other’s capabilities, and have found we can offer greater value through collaboration. We thrive in environments where we can employ our creativity to help companies like yours accomplish its strategic goals.

Danny Acres

Agency Director/Photographer


Danny is a Lifelong learner fueled by curiosity and creativity with 30-plus years of experience in Photography, Videography, and Creative Direction.  Danny is trusted by some of the most recognizable brands in the world to produce their creative content.  Danny is driven by a desire to see his work contribute to the success of the companies and partners he works with and has been blessed by forming lifelong business and personal relationships with his clients throughout the years.

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Chris Graf

Lead Cinematographer/Content Creator


Chris is a full-time filmmaker and videographer who has produced content for global brands such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Microsoft, Tesla and National Geographic. After working in visual effects for Marvel films, he started his own production company in Atlanta, and has since shot many commercials for a wide variety of clients. With experience in lifestyle, narrative, reality, promotional, real estate, and live-event videography, Chris also offers fine-honed skills in editing and post production.

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Ashley Salman

Cinematographer/Content Creator


Ashley is an International Filmmaker and Executive Producer with experience coordinating and managing boutique production companies and agencies in Latin America. She has represented and promoted international film industries at over 30 markets and film festivals worldwide including Cannes, Berlinale, Toronto IFF. Since moving to Atlanta she has expanded her skillset to include Cinematography and Post Production, creating content for a wide variety of brands such as Lexus, Delta Sigma and Swiss Watch Expo.

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The Scenes

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